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DiSC vs. StrengthsFinder [A Comprehensive Guide]

Personal | Professional | Education | 17 Minutes Read

To date, over 50 million people worldwide have taken some form of the DiSC assessment.

In contrast, only 16 million have taken the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 profiling test.

What’s the difference between the two tools, especially for...

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Tan Meiling Jul 19, 2017

3 Reasons to Use StrengthsFinder to Build Strong Families

Personal | 6 Minutes Read

Families are complicated…and some more complicated than others. The people closest to us see the best and the worst of us, and vice versa. Yet even though our family members are such familiar figures in our lives, at times it feels like they’re the biggest mystery of...

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Tan Meiling Mar 28, 2017

Working in a Strengths-Based Organization

Personal | Professional | 10 Minutes Read

At Strengths School, we believe in creating a culture of empowerment for everyone who works with us, in line with our vision of “Seeing every generation live out their full potential.” For this reason, we actively seek out young people with the same...

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Tan Meiling Mar 06, 2017

Using StrengthsFinder to Resolve Conflicts

Personal | Professional | Education | 5 Minutes Read

 Conflicts are a fact of life. While they are never fun, these conflicts can strengthen relationships when properly managed.

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Victor Seet Feb 03, 2017

Using StrengthsFinder for Relationships - Strengthening Marriages

Personal | 6 Minutes Read

Marriage. Could the use of StrengthsFinder possibly build and protect these vital relationships?

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Victor Seet Jul 10, 2016

Using StrengthsFinder for Relationships - Family Conversations

Personal | 7 Minutes Read

At its core, StrengthsFinder is strongest as a relational tool. Backed by 50 years of research, it outlines the science as to why people intuitively behave in a certain way, unraveling the motivations behind a person's behavior.

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Victor Seet Mar 07, 2016

Understanding the Relationship Building Domain [CliftonStrengths]

Personal | Professional | Education | 11 Minutes Read

In Strengths School™, we found a pair of siblings who discovered they both had the same top 5 themes after they had completed their Strengthsfinder assessment. What is even more astonishing is that both of them had all 5 of their themes in...

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Victor Seet Feb 08, 2016

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