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DiSC vs. StrengthsFinder [A Comprehensive Guide]

Personal | Professional | Education | 17 Minutes Read

To date, over 50 million people worldwide have taken some form of the DiSC assessment.

In contrast, only 16 million have taken the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 profiling test.

What’s the difference between the two tools, especially for...

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Tan Meiling Jul 19, 2017

5 Themes Most Likely to Have an Issue with StrengthsFinder

Professional | Education | Personal | 7 Minutes Read

One Sunday, I was sitting around with a few other folks from the young adults group I was involved in. I got to talking about my work as a StrengthsFinder Coach (a common occurrence, if you hang around me often), and one of the young adults...

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Tan Meiling Jun 11, 2017

3 Reasons to Use StrengthsFinder to Build Strong Families

Personal | 6 Minutes Read

Families are complicated…and some more complicated than others. The people closest to us see the best and the worst of us, and vice versa. Yet even though our family members are such familiar figures in our lives, at times it feels like they’re the biggest mystery of...

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Tan Meiling Mar 28, 2017

Growing Talent to Strength: Featuring StrengthsFinder ‘Analytical’

Personal | 6 Minutes Read

People with Analytical in their top 5 Gallup StrengthsFinder results challenge others to “prove it.” They’re rigorous thinkers who take a critical approach to what others would often quickly accept as truth. They mine for verifiable data and facts in which to ground...

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Tan Meiling Aug 24, 2016

Using StrengthsFinder for Work - Interview with a Counsellor

How could our StrengthsFinder themes be used in our vocations?

In the continuation of our series on "Using StrengthsFinder for Work," here's an interview with a professional counsellor in Singapore, whom I had the privilege to coach 1-to-1.

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Victor Seet Jul 17, 2016

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