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DiSC vs. StrengthsFinder [A Comprehensive Guide]

To date, over 50 million people worldwide have taken some form of the DiSC assessment.

In contrast, only 16 million have taken the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 profiling test.

What’s the difference between the two tools, especially for personal or professional development?

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Tan Meiling Jul 19, 2017

Growing Talent to Strength: Featuring StrengthsFinder 'Adaptability'

“Why do you keep doing things at the very last minute?”

I used to think of this as a very bad habit - to procrastinate and wait till the very last moment before getting anything done. I never quite understood why people behaved that way. That is, until I began to understand people with...

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Victor Seet Apr 30, 2017

StrengthsFinder Myth Busters: The Definitive Guide

As a StrengthsFinder Coach, I get tons of questions that begin with, “So you mean that (insert myth here), right?” It’s time to clear all doubt on what StrengthsFinder can and cannot do – what it is and isn’t. I’ll take you through 12 myths that need to be busted.

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Jason Ho Apr 29, 2017

Understanding the Relationship Building Domain [CliftonStrengths]

In Strengths School™, we found a pair of siblings who discovered they both had the same top 5 themes after they had completed their Strengthsfinder assessment. What is even more astonishing is that both of them had all 5 of their themes in the Relationship Domain, a rare combination of strengths...

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Victor Seet Feb 08, 2016

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