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Growing Talent to Strength: Featuring Strengthsfinder 'Belief'

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"Values are like fingerprints. Nobody's are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do." - Elvis Presley

People with Belief in their top 5 StrengthsFinder results possess core values that are enduring. Often, their Belief talent theme causes them to be family-oriented, altruistic and spiritual. They value responsibility and high ethics, both in themselves and others.

Those with the Belief theme often strongly resonate with the idea of being the message that they carry. For them, it is not about simply talking the talk; their Belief theme compels them to also walk the talk. This makes them dependable and easy to trust.

For those with the Belief StrengthsFinder theme, their core values affect their lives in many ways. Often, the idea of doing a job simply for money is unthinkable -- instead, their core values compel them to find a job that resonates with them on a deeper level. Their work and their core values must be aligned, and their vocations must provide them with opportunities to live out their values.

For certain individuals with Belief, some of these values are sub-conscious and manifest only when others behave in ways that clash with these values. At the same time, for other individuals, they aim to intentionally live out their core values. For example, someone who values his family intentionally schedules time with his spouse and children, orientates decisions toward what is best for them, and purposefully shares about family life with others, often with much pride. 

Our core values affect our behaviour in many ways. Those with the Belief StrengthsFinder talent can be sometimes construed to be convicted, yet at the same time labeled “stubborn" -- particularly when this theme is in its infancy. However, in its mature stages, those with Belief lead by example, remaining true to their values while at the same time respecting those of others. 

The genius of Belief is in the tremendous power of these core values, which provide drive, direction, and clarity.

How can one with Belief develop this talent and turn it into a strength? I would like to suggest 3 ways.

1. Take time to think about your core values and write them down in simple value statements.

This, in part, allows these values to grow from the sub-conscious to the conscious level and be intentionally lived out.

A person’s core values represent his/her unique wiring - the ways his or her views and approaches to life are shaped. Values are underlying assumptions that shape and form our mindsets or convictions that shape a person’s actions and decisions. They are usually born out of lessons we learn and then forged into our psyche, often through difficult times. 

A good value statement is short, concise and applicable in everyday life. An example of a Value Statement would be, "My family is my PRIORITY. My wife and my children come FIRST in all my conflicting schedules." Such a statement reminds one to orient his/her decisions in a value-driven manner. Another example would be, "Cultivate respect for others. Catch people doing good." Such a statement reminds one that there is a genius in everybody and nurtures a heart of respect and appreciation for others. 

When a Value Statement is shared with co-workers, it facilitates greater understanding from colleagues and bosses, potentially reducing conflicts. 

2. Reflect on how you may have imposed your values on others.

Ask those around you to share what they perceive to be your values and take time to listen to their perspectives. Your values can often be strengthened when they are given feedback. Values that are tested and adjusted with humility are robust and are a gateway to influencing others. Your values can be imparted to future generations when they are the cornerstone to your successes in life.


Partner those with Communication

Those with the Communication talent theme are gifted as spokespersons, able to put the right words to concepts to bring them to life. Those with the Belief theme, on the other hand, can be described as missionaries or inspiring leaders because of the foundation of their rock-solid core values. Partnering with someone with Communication would thus enable those with Belief to express your core values into simple and concise value statements to be shared and lived out intentionally.

Partner those with Activator

Those with the Activator talent theme bring momentum and energy to their environments. Because of their yearning to start new things, they're often breaking into fresh ground or beginning new initiatives. In contrast, those with Belief derive energy from living out their core values. Such a partnership would thus enable those with the Belief theme to think about how their core values could be more intentionally lived out in life.

Partner those with Connectedness

Those with the Connectedness talent theme are gifted in seeing the links between all things. They are often focused on the bigger picture, and therefore tend to gravitate towards larger societal and community issues. Those with Belief, on the other hand, have stable, enduring core values that guide them consistently through life. Such a partnership would enable those with the Belief theme to see how their values can be powerfully used to serve a larger cause. 

Concluding Thoughts: Those with the Belief talent theme derive tremendous power from their convictions, which gives them the resilience to brave difficult trials and enables them to do extraordinary things. While sometimes labeled as "stubborn" and "set in their ways," particularly if this theme is in its infancy stage, at its maturity, those with the Belief theme have a tremendous ability to lead by example, inspiring others to live true to their convictions and live a life that matters. 

Written by Victor Seet

As a Gallup-Certified StrengthsFinder coach, Victor is passionate about strengths engagement and now runs his own training company, Strengths School™ ( He has been actively giving StrengthsFinder leadership and team building workshops to businesses and schools in Singapore as well as Hong Kong, China (Shanghai) and India.

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